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Blue Water
Allen Bliven Photo.jpg

Allen Bliven 

Duck  & Goose Call Maker

Roger Raglin (1).jpg

Roger Raglin

Hunter/TV Personality

Ollie Smith.jpg

Ollie Smith

Professional Fishing Guide (Mountains)

Jim Shulin  TFO Rods.jpg

Jim Shulin

Temple Fork Outfitters

Mid Atlantic  Capt Ricky Kellum.jpg

Capt Ricky Kellum 

Professional Fishing Guide


Tim Askew

Tournament Bass Fisherman


Capt. Stu Caulder

Professional Fishing Guide

TB SR.jpg

Tyler Barnes  

Fisherman / State Record Holder

Mid Atlantic  Capt Joe Shute.jpg

Capt. Joe Shute

Professional Fishing Guide/ Lure designer


Grayson Frye

Mossy Oak Pro Staf

Richard Andrews.jpg

Capt Richard Andrews

Professional Fishing Guide 

Mid Atlantic  Capt Mark Nichols.JPG

Capt Mark Nichols

Fisherman / Lure designer


Ashley Svalina

Mossy Oak Pro Staff

Mid-Atlantic Hunting & Fishing Expo      Seminar Topics
. Capt. Ricky Kellum           Artificial Lure & Live Bait for Speckle Trout
. Capt. Richard Andrews    Year-round fishing east of Interstate 95
. Capt. Joe Shute                  Basics of Offshore Trolling in the Ocean
. Capt. Stu Caulder              Fishing Inshore Coastal Tidal Waters 
. Tim Askew                          Flipping, Pitching, Crank baiting Shallow for Bass
. Allen Blivens                       Waterfowl calls – How to use them in the field
. Ollie Smith                          Mountain Smallmouth on Fly & Spin
. Tyler Barnes                        Basics for Targeting Catfish
. Capt. Mark Nichols            Secrets of Fishing Plastic Lures
. Roger Raglin                       The Whitetail Hunting Experience
. Grayson Frye                      Turkey Hunting Tactics for Success
. Ashley Svalina                     Turkey Hunting Tactics for Success
. Jim Shulin                            Selecting a Fishing Rod

Mid-Atlantic Hunting & Fishing Expo    Seminar Schedule


                                        Saturday, March 23                                    

           Room A                                                                       Room B

11 a.m.  Capt. Joe Shute                                      11 a.m. Capt. Mark Nichols

12 p.m.  Roger Raglin                                          12 p.m. Capt. Richard Andrews

  1 p.m.  Ollie Smith                                                1 p.m. Allen Bliven

  2 p.m.  Capt. Ricky Kellum                                 2 p.m. Capt. Stu Caulder

  3 p.m.  Grayson & Ashley                                    3 p.m. Tyler Barnes

  4 p.m.  Jim Shulin                                                 4 p.m. Tim Askew



                                             Sunday, March 24

          Room A                                                                       Room B

11 a.m. Ollie Smith                                               11 a.m. Tim Askew

12 p.m. Allen Bliven                                             12 p.m. Jim Shulin

  1 p.m. Roger Raglin                                             1 p.m. Capt. Richard Andrews

  2 p.m. Capt. Mark Nichols                                  2 p.m. Tyler Barnes

  3 p.m. Grayson & Ashley                                     3 p.m. Capt. Ricky Kellum

  4 p.m.  Capt. Stu Caulder                                    4 p.m. Capt. Joe Shute


Note: Seminar schedule subject to change without notice.

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