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Grayson Frye & Ashley Svalina

Grayson Frye

Grayson is from Lexington NC and established his love for the outdoors and turkey hunting there. A lifelong member of the National Wild Turkey Federation he was president of the NWTF chapter at NC State University. He is currently on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff and Drake Apparel Field Expert team. To date, he has two wild turkey grand slams.


Ashley Svalina

Ashley is a graduate of NC State University where she earned a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation. During her studies, she was deeply involved with a wild turkey research project and was active in the NWTF chapter on campus. Like Grayson, she is on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff and  Drake Apparel Field Expert Team. She is also a notable wildlife artist.


Seminar topic: Grayson and Ashley will discuss equipment, tactics and

ethics that have contributed to their success in the field.

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