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Tyler Barnes

Tyler Barnes lives in Pikeville, NC and owns and operates an apparel business known as 4REEL Fishing and is also a Brand Ambassador for Catch The Fever Outdoors.


He grew up fishing the riverbank for catfish on the Neuse River with his father since he was 8 years old.

As he continued following his passion, he decided to fish his first catfish tournament which resulted in a 2nd place finish! It was at that moment that he knew he was hooked!


As time went on he got more serious about the sport and started traveling to other bodies of water and fishing other tournament trails to learn and get better as an angler. On July 20th 2020 while fishing a catfish tournament hosted by EZ Bait & Tackle in Goldsboro he hooked and landed a fish of a lifetime!


After weighing the fish and getting it certified he was announced as the new record holder in North Carolina for Flathead Catfish that weighed in at 78.9 lbs.


Catfishing brings so much joy in his life that Tyler wants to share his knowledge with other anglers. 

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