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9 Best Freshwater Fishing Destinations in North Carolina

Lake Fontana

A short distance off Route 43, outside of Bryson City in North Carolina, and about 30 minutes from the Tennessee border, sits Lake Fontana. Fish from many different species, including bass, trout, crappie, walleye, muskie, carp, and catfish, can be found in this lake. However, this lake is well renowned for its crappie fishing.

Fontana is a lovely lake in western North Carolina that offers a breathtaking vista of the Great Smoky Mountains and emerald-green water. Because so much of the shoreline is unspoiled and in its natural state, Fontana Lake is ranked first on our list.

Lake Glenville

Jackson County is home to the artificial reservoir known as Lake Glenville. It was built in the 1940s when the Tuckasegee River was dammed in order to supply the area with hydroelectric power. Lake Glenville is now a popular destination for boaters and anglers. The lake itself is quite large, with a length of 26 kilometres. It can reach a maximum depth of 150 feet, which is also pretty deep.

It is simple to access the water because the lake is surrounded by numerous public boat ramps. The most sought-after fish in Glenville include bass, trout, and walleye.

Lake Norman

When the Cowans Ford Dam on the Catawba River was constructed in 1963, a man-made reservoir called Lake Norman was formed. The largest artificial body of water in North Carolina is Lake Norman, which is up to nine miles wide and 34 miles long. It can reach a maximum depth of 130 feet, which is also pretty deep.

The lake, which is close to Charlotte, is a well-liked vacation spot for both locals and tourists. It is simple to get on the water thanks to the many public boat ramps and marinas. Bass, catfish, crappie, and striped bass are among the many fish species that may be found in Lake Norman. The lake is also home to a sizable population of muskies, which are a favorite catch for anglers.

Lake Chatuge

Bass anglers love Lake Chatuge in particular. Bring a spinning reel for bass since this lake is a particularly profitable smallmouth, largemouth, and hybrid bass fishing spot.

Just north of Georgia, the lake is situated in the Western North Carolina highlands. It has more than 120 kilometers of shoreline and is 7,500 acres in size. Around the lake, there are numerous public boat ramps and marinas that are conveniently situated.

Nantahala River

One of North Carolina's most well-known trout streams is the Nantahala River. It is situated close to the community of Bryson City in the state's western region. Regular trout stockings make the river a great place for fisherman to visit. Additionally, there are several opportunities to catch wild trout.

The Nantahala River is a lovely stream with magnificent scenery and clean water. In addition, whitewater rafting and kayaking are highly popular there.

Roanoke River

Near the community of Roanoke Rapids, in eastern North Carolina, is where you'll find the Roanoke River. It's a well-liked spot for boating and fishing. Bass, catfish, crappie, and striped bass are just a few of the many fish species that call the river home.

Yadkin River

Near Winston-Salem in central North Carolina, the Yadkin River is teeming with white crappies. The Yadkin River is well known for its crappie fishing, but it is also home to many bass, catfish, and even chain pickerel.

Neuse River

The Native American tribe that formerly lived in the area is honored in the name of the Neuse River, which runs across eastern North Carolina. South of New Bern, one can find striped bass, Southern flounder, Atlantic croaker, bluefish, gray trout, and channel bass.

Additionally, you can anticipate to locate freshwater fish including largemouth bass, catfish, and yellow and white perch in New Bern's northern region.

Lake Waccamaw

Lake Waccamaw, the largest freshwater lake in North Carolina, is a natural lake that is about 45 minutes from Wilmington's center. Crappie, catfish, and largemouth bass can all be caught in this lake.

With a wide range of locations and fish species to choose from, North Carolina is a fantastic state for freshwater fishing. North Carolina has what you're looking for, whether you're seeking for a calm stream to fly fish in or a sizable lake to boat on.

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